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Dr Mortimer And The Aldgate Mystery. GERARD WILLIAMS

Dr Mortimer And The Aldgate Mystery.


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Publication: Constable, 2000, London

First edition. Author's first mystery. Fine in dust jacket. Introducing a new series featuring Victorian Dr. James Mortimer and his liberated assistant Dr. Violet Branscombe. In 1890 London, Dr. James Mortimer, friend to Dr. Watson (of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson), takes a position as a substitute physician at Dr. Violet Branscombe's clinic for abused women in Whitechapel. One of his first patients is Lavinia Nancarrow, the ward of a wealthy merchant and former India nabob who's been holding her essentially captive in his home in Aldgate. The only man allowed to visit the young woman is an art tutor who is suspected of some vile doings. Mortimer and his new colleague team up to investigate the mystery of LaviniaAs confinement and the identity of her visitor.

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