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Disarming Indians. A Man Who Has Seen It Done Tells What Sort Of A Job It Is.

Disarming Indians. A Man Who Has Seen It Done Tells What Sort Of A Job It Is.

Publication: ND (Circa 1890's), NP

First Edition. Plain Tan Wrappers. [4pp.] "The Experience of Major Mauck in Disarming a Band of Cheyennes on the North Fork of the Canadian River in 1878." This account is of Captain Mauck of the 4th Cavalry and his assignment to take a band of 250 Northern Cheyenne men, women, and children, from their home in the north to Indian Territory. Mauck describes their 6 week trip from Fort Sydney, Nebraska to the Indian Territory. When they were within 2 days march of the Agency, Mauck received instructions to perform the dangerous task of disarming the Indians and taking their horses from them!! This band had been loyal to the U.S.Army, fighting in the Sioux and Nez Perce campaigns, and had been given their weapons and the horses to reward them for their excellent service in those arduous campaigns. Mauck describes the council with the Indian elders, the restless night of fearful anticipation, the tense circumstances of the next day when bravely confronting the band, and his relief when George Bent came forward with his family and surrendered their arms. The remainder of the band followed with the surrender of their arms. Mauck had been wise enough to be satisfied with the disarmament and did not attempt to take the horses...,especially knowing that the Army had given them the arms and horses to begin with. The account concludes with what is likely a quiet reference to the tragic disarmament effort at Wounded Knee, much credit is given to Captain Mauck for preventing a similar result. We believe the Captain was Clarence Mauck, who was promoted in 1879 to Major. This rare account is a presentation copy to General E. S. Godfrey. Signed by H. S. Mauck on the upper portion of the plain front wrapper. Godfrey was a well-known veteran of the western Indian Wars, having served in all of Custer's campaigns, as well as having won the Medal of Honor for "most distinguished gallantry" at the Battle of Bear Paw Mountain against Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce. Some minor chipping to edge of fragile plain wrappers and a minor vertical crease, else a nice, clean copy.

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