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Deep Sleep.


Other works by FRANCES FYFIELD

Publication: Heinemann, 1991, London:

First edition. Signed by the author. Fine in dust jacket. Silver Dagger Award winner. Crown Prosecutor Helen West is catching up on her files when a police inquiry on a closed case gives her pause. Although the cause of death of 46-year-old Margaret Carlton, a pharmacist's wife, was officially deemed natural causes, the local constable was in enough doubt to bring it to Helen's attention. According to her husband, Mrs. Carlton had acquired "the habit of sniffing chloroform to induce sleep and/or well-being," and one night she simply overdid it. Or did she? The constable's inquiry bothers Helen and she, along with Detective Superintendent Geoffrey Bailey, begin their own investigation of the chemist husband, his nubile assistant, the assistant's ex-husband and a neighborhood junkie.

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