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Crime Movies. by Peter (Collected & Introduced By). Haining

Crime Movies.

by Peter (Collected & Introduced By). Haining

Publication: Severn House, 1996, London

First edition. Very fine in dust jacket. Classic collection of cinema mysteries with stories by Anthony Shaffer, Woody Allen, W.R. Burnett, Eric Ambler, Ernest Hemingway, Cornell Woolrich, Edgar Wallace, David Morrell, Evan Hunter, Mickey Spillane, Brian Garfield, and Frederick Forsyth. All listings are movie titles. The original works on which these films were based may have been different. The title for each story is given in its introduction. A few of the movies are RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD, LITTLE CAESAR, EPITAPH FOR A SPY, REAR WINDOW, THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE, SLEUTH, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, et al.

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