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Correspondence Relative To Hostilities Of The Arickaree Indians

Correspondence Relative To Hostilities Of The Arickaree Indians

Publication: NP, 1823, Washington

First edition. Disbound and bound in three-quarter Leather and cloth. House Document 2, 18th Congress, 1st Session. pp 55-108 + 7 folding tables. "Reports and letters regarding attacks by the Arikara Indians upon General Ashley and his trading party, and by the Blackfoot Indians upon the Missouri Fur Company's Yellowstone or Mountain Expedition. Ashley's letter of June 4 dated on board the Keel Boat Yellow Stone, 25 miles below the Arikara Towns; describes the recent affray; Benjamin O'Fallon's letter of July 3 reports the Blackfoot attacks on Immell and Jones, as well as the killing of five of Major Henry's men, further described in letters by William Gordon & Joshua Pilcher."---Wagner Camp 22. The campaign against the Arickaree Indians was prompted by an attack on William Ashley's fur trade expedition on the Missouri River in which 15 members of his expedition were killed. The expedition under the command of Colonel Henry Leavenworth, along with Ashley and his men departed in June of 1823, and they fought an indecisive battle with the Arickarees at their villages in August. No permanent peace was established, so Ashley was forced to choose the overland route to the Rockies rather than the Missouri...a decision with enormous consequences. An important classic report/account of the Missouri River and Rocky Mountain Fur Trade. A fine copy. Very scarce.

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