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Contemporary Acoma Pueblo Polychrome Wedding Vase JUANA LENO

Contemporary Acoma Pueblo Polychrome Wedding Vase


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Publication: Juana Leno, n d (ca 1970's), Acoma Pueblo

This Contemporary Acoma Pueblo Polychrome Wedding Vase is in very good original condition. The medium for this jar is clay and pigment and it is 9" height x 7 1/4" diameter. It was made at Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico in the 1970's by Juana Leno (1917-2000). This Acoma Pueblo wedding vase with geometric and floral designs is another wonderful and graceful product from the hands of Acoma matriarch Juana Leno. The design in the center of the body is a four-petal orange floral arrangement. It is surrounded by a four-directional fine line design that is outlined in black semi circle elements. This, in turn, is encapsulated in a black line diamond with orange triangles. This design is repeated on front and back. On the side, climbing p on each spout is a square box with orange semi-circles from which sprouts a single floral plant with a heart-shaped flower with spirals on its tips. The handle between the spouts is a twisted clay arch painted orange. The wedding vase dates to the 1970s. It is signed with the initials "JL" and Acoma.

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