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Cochiti Drum With Beater ARTIST UNKNOWN

Cochiti Drum With Beater


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Publication: Unknown artist, n d (ca 1930's), Cochiti Pueblo

Painted and unpainted drums of all sizes are used in pueblo ceremonies. The drum suggests the thunder that comes with rain. The drum has two heads. Pueblo songs are written to start slowly and then go to a climax. At a certain point of the song, the drum is flipped over to achieve a higher beat. This lifts the dancers and gives them the impetus to continue dancing. The edges of the two drum heads are painted black with the tops left without paint, as is traditional. The body of the drum is painted in brick red and turquoise alternating triangles with a white band and black band framing the painted area. All the hide strings are in undamaged condition. A bundle of white yarn with feathers tied to the ends has been attached to the drum, a sure indication of pueblo use. The head of the drumstick indicates significant use. Condition: This Cochiti Pueblo Well-Used Drum with Beater is in very good condition. Artist Unknown, Pueblo Drum, Cochiti Pueblo, Components = wood, hide, string, feathers; 11 3/4" x 13 1/4" Cochiti Pueblo Well-Used Drum With Beater.

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