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Children Of Tender Years. by  Ted. Allbeury

Children Of Tender Years.

by Ted. Allbeury

First U. S. edition. Fine in dust jacket. For Jake Malik, the routine SIS assignment in Germany is a journey into a past so terrible that only his unshakable loyalty to his adopted country overcomes his desire to refuse it. Malik first knew the Germans as a child in Auschwitz, and even thirty years in England hasn't softened the horror. Malik and a young German policeman discover that a rumor about neo-Nazis and anti-Semitism is the first link in a tortuous chain that leads to a small, fanatic group of Israelis and Germans who have created their own daring answer to the Russian threat. Meanwhile, Malik is falling in love with Lisa Fischer, the German policeman's sister. He realizes he is trapped between his love for her and his instinctive hatred of all things German; between his desire to help Israel and his loyalty to SIS.

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