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Broadside - 2000 Army Horses Wanted! VAN SLYKE, N.B [ASSISTANT QUARTERMASTER]

Broadside - 2000 Army Horses Wanted!


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Publication: Privately printed, 1865, Madison

11-1/2" x 9-1/2" printed broadside stating the immediate need to purchase Two Thousand Army Horses! at the Government Stables in Madison, Wisconsin. He and the government are willing to pay for the horses IN CASH; however, the horses must pass inspection under certain regulations. For instance, horses that are well broken, in full flesh and good condition, from fifteen to sixteen hands high, from five to nine years old, and well adapted in every way for Calvary purposes, the price is 160 DOLLARS! For horses of DARK Color, sound in all particulars, strong, quick and active, well broken, square trotters in harness, in good flesh and condition, from six to ten years old, not less than fifteen and one half hands high, weighing not less than ten hundred fifty pounds each, and adapted to Artillery service, the price is 170 DOLLARS! The broadside is dated March 22, 1865. Captain Napoleon Bonaparte Van Slyke was a prominent 19th century Madisonian who served as assistant quartermaster in Madison, Wisconsin during the Civil War. Light wear to top and bottom else very good.

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