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Bright Serpent by James M. Fox

Bright Serpent

by James M. Fox

Publication: The Mysterious Bookshop, 2017, New York

First edition. Fine in dust jacket with light professional restoration to the spine ends and corners. The final novel in the John and Suzy Marshall series. Bob McAlistair, heir to the McAlistair cosmetics empire, has escaped from a private sanatorium for alcoholics. Mrs. McAlistair wants her husband to complete the treatment, and the executive of the McAlistair company are not anxious for any more free publicity of the tabloid variety. Johnny and Sally need only to find Bob and return him to the sanatorium. No fuss, no cops, no problems. When Johnny visits the sanatorium, he has a brush with the local sheriff and also with Dr. Arness, leading him to suspect that the sanatorium isn't exactly what it claims to be.

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