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Other works by DANNY MOYNIHAN

Publication: Duck Editions, 2000, London

First edition. Author's first book. Signed by the author. Fine in fine dust jacket. The New York modern art scene ... a world of conspicuous, unimaginable money, misunderstood art, and garish displays of wealth and influence ... is brought to life in New York and London. The story centers on the "discovery" of a privately held Mondrian painting in the library of an aging wealthy couple. The players: a conniving, lecherous gallery owner, as well as his string of young, attractive assistants, their gay friends, and also a bunch of collectors whose knowledge of art consists of which painting or sculpture will impress their friends the most or even make them jealous. As the dance to retrieve the Mondrian begins, the story descends into the underbelly of an ugly world, perhaps a glimpse of the souls of these collectors, dealers, and artists, who are motivated solely by greed.

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