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Bones Hooks, Pioneer Negro Cowboy. by Bruce G. Todd

Bones Hooks, Pioneer Negro Cowboy.

by Bruce G. Todd

Publication: Pelican Publishing Company, 2005, Gretna

First edition. 8vo. Author's first book. Cloth, 221 pp., preface, introduction, illustrated, conclusion, notes, bibliography, index. A Texas cowboy known not only for busting broncos but also for his work as a civic and social leader in Amarillo, Texas. He was the first black man to sit on a grand jury in the Texas Panhandle. He founded the first black church in the region and established North Heights, a community for black homeowners. The son of former slaves, he was born in 1867 and died in 1951. Bones worked as a cowboy in the Pecos River Valley of Texas and New Mexico and later in the Texas Panhandle area. As new in dust jacket.

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