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Blood For A Dirty Dollar JOE MILLARD

Blood For A Dirty Dollar


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Publication: Charter, 1980, New York

First U.S. edition. PBO. Charter 06721-2. Originally published by Produzioni Europee Associates SAS in 1973. Near fine in pictorial wrappers. A man with No Name Western novel. One in a series of Westerns that Sergio Leone made into his great spaghetti westerns that starred Clint Eastwood as the man with No Name. Two scientists known for developing fuel for auto vehicles, are missing after heading to Veldon Castle near the Broken Hills. And the bandit chief Bandera, whose hideout is in the Broken Hills, has something to do with it. While investigating, the Man with No Name runs into Saginaw Kirp, life insurance man and Lee Van Cleef look-a-like, and together they work to find the missing men. But why has a castle been built out in that spot in the desert? What secrets could Lord Veldon be hiding?

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