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Apache Nightmare. The Battle At Cibeque Creek. CHARLES COLLINS

Apache Nightmare. The Battle At Cibeque Creek.


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Publication: University of Oklahoma Press, 1999, Norman

First edition. 8vo. Cloth, xvi, 280 pp., preface, acknowledgments, introduction, illustrated, portraits, maps, notes, bibliography, index. Two cavalry troops and a company of Indian scouts left Fort Apache in 1881, to arrest a Cibeque Apache medicine man, rumored to be inciting his followers against white settlers in the area. On the way back to the fort, the medicine man's followers attacked. The Apache were soon joined by the Indian scouts, marking the skirmish as the only wholesale mutiny of an Indian scout company in U. S. military history. The author bases his account on extensive primary sources, including testimony from Apaches, as he describes the events leading up to the incident, and analyzes the aftermath. As new, unread copy in dust jacket.

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