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A Bibliography Of A. Conan Doyle. by  Richard Lancelyn And John Michael Gibson Green

A Bibliography Of A. Conan Doyle.

by Richard Lancelyn And John Michael Gibson Green

First revised edition. New revised and expanded edition with addenda and corrigenda. As new in dust jacket. A full-scale bibliography of A. Conan Doyle, that is divided into five sections covering fiction, plays, and belle-lettres; miscellaneous writings [histories, political pamphlets, speeches, wartime propaganda, autobiographies, and works on spiritualism]; prefaces and minor contributions; uncollected stories, letters, and articles; and a selective list of biographical sources [the major biographies, reminiscences, magazine and newspaper reports, and articles]. There are also appendicies which include lists of the major English and Continental editions, the authorized American and Canadian editions up to 1930, the American pirate editions up to 1940, poems set to music, performance dates of plays, shorthand editions, and misattributions. The bibliography has notes for each volume giving the background and publishing history, where this is known; and there are short synopses of the letters and articles to place them in context. The absence of a full-scale bibliography has hindered a complete appreciation of Conan Doyle both as a man and a writer. This publication should do much to rectify the situation since, in addition to the bibliographical research which greatly expands the previously known corpus of his writings, the book contains a wealth of new and revised biographical material.

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