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Lake Chelan. Cascade Mountains Great Northern Railway

Lake Chelan. Cascade Mountains

Great Northern Railway

Publication: Privately printed, nd ca 1915, NP

First edition. 9 1/8" x 32" sheet folded to 16 panels, each measuring 9 1/8" x 4." 2 bright colorful cover panels. Maps. Illustrations. Lake Chelan is on the east side of the Cascade Mountains in the north central part of the state of Washington. The Great Northern Railway promoted the region as “A Wonder ‘Stop-off Place’ for Tourists Bound to or from the Pacific Northwest.” It is described as, "A stupendous and splendid fjord that from the west highlands of that Great River of the West, the Columbia, outstretches for more than a half-hundred miles through and to the very heart of the Cascade Mountains of Washington – a fjord that is the most remarkable lake-in the-mountains in all America – and ‘roundabout the head of this lake, about Stehekin and the Hotel Field, a wonder region of the Cascades that abounds in delightful mountaineering 'short jaunts' both be 17 saddle horse and 'over trails afoot' ... such is Lake Chelan and its country.” The brochure goes on in great detail about the various lodging opportunities, trails and camping trips, train and boat service, and physical description of the region. It is illustrated from photographs offering photos of scenery, Hotel Field, individuals riding horses, cruising along Chelan's shores, etc. Two maps include a two-panel colored map titled “Lake Chelan and the Lake Chelan Country / Cascade Mountains / Washington." It shows roads, trails and the auto-stage road from the Great North Railway to the Lakeside Chelan Station. The other map is a one-panel system map. This map has the code 1-mcmxv, which is the source for the date attribution. This is one of the scarcer, and most graphically interesting, promotional brochures of the region from this early time period. An attempt to erase a number from one of the color panels along with a green scratch-through of a number at top edge of same panel along with light soiling and light wear to edges and folds. Very good.

Inventory Number: 46858