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1889 Trade Card - Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company, New York Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company

1889 Trade Card - Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company, New York

Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company

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Publication: Donaldson Brothers, 1889, NP

State Maps Series - Map of Utah #86. 3" x 5" card. Front side of card offers a color map of Utah, the Great Salt Lake and the Mormon Tabernacle. The reverse side of the cards in this series gives 4 reasons why Ariosa Coffee costs more and is worth more than other brands of coffee. It also provides an explanation of the series, along with a list of all 50 states and territories represented. John and Charles Arbuckle established the coffee enterprise destined to bear their name sometime in the mid-1850s. By 1871, the business was thriving and had established itself in Brooklyn. Their major brands were Ariosa and Yuban Coffees. When the firm began using premium trade cards as part of its advertising strategy, it succeeded far beyond any modest expectations. During the last 25 years of the 19th century, thousands of different insert cards were distributed inside of product packages by the nation's many cigarette and tobacco companies. These, however, tended to be oriented toward men and boys and portrayed athletes, stage actresses, and beautiful women. No one came close to publishing the quantity and diversity of souvenir cards that Arbuckle did. Humor, history, geography and cooking hints were some of the many topics, with titles such as A Trip Around the World, Pictorial History of the United States and Territories, Cookery, State Maps, Animals of the World, and History of the Sports and Pastimes of All Nations. Slight bumping to corners and edges. Very good.

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