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The Harry Chronicles. ALLAN PEDRAZAS

The Harry Chronicles.


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Publication: St Martin's Press, 1995, New York

First edition. Author's first book. As new, unread copy in dust jacket. Florida PI Harry Rice is hired by Eloise Loftus to recover her husband's stolen collection of antique firearms. Upon taking the case, Harry is immediately warned off the case by Wade Loftus. As Harry continues his investigation, he quickly learns that Wade had spent the day of the theft shacked up with a go-go girl named Lola; that he’d waited two days before reporting the theft, and that Wade pawned some of his guns weeks before they were supposedly stolen. As Harry stalks the mean streets of Broward County he's threatened by a crime lord, slashed by the lord's beautiful sidekick, and assaulted by Wade Loftus. But does he back down? You bet he does! He takes $5000 to forget about the case and promptly gets picked up for Wade’s murder! Edgar nominee for best first novel.

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