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Tales That Dead Men Tell by J. E Pearce

Tales That Dead Men Tell

by J. E Pearce

First edition. 8vo. Printed wrappers, 123 pp., foreword, illustrated, foldout cultural timetable, bibliography, index. The University of Texas Bulletin, No. 3537, October 1, 1935. Anthropological Papers, Vol. 1, No. 1. Presents the stories that the dead tell through them leaving behind fragments of things which they ate, used, touched, shaped, or made as they went about their daily life. Dobie page 23 says "Eloquent and liberalizing to the human mind;" Basic Texas Books page 402-403 says "fascinating and popular." "Pearce’s message is this: We, willingly, or not, are the product of all that man has done or has been in the entire history of human life. If we can learn to draw upon our heritage without losing our intellectual freedom of choice and of adaptation, we can build for the future a society strongly rooted in a beneficial tradition. But the past must be our teacher, not, as too often hitherto, our master. Properly used, the past, working through the channels provided by archaeology and history, can show us beauty of many kinds, a wide range of technical knowledge, and innumerable social formulse to be adapted or rejected as we deem best. These, and many other things, constitute the message which Dead Men would convey to us through the tongueless artifacts which they have left behind." Very good, tight copy.

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