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Report Of Committees Of The Senate Of The United States For The First Session Of The Forty-Ninth Congress 1885-'86 Committee On Indian Affairs

Report Of Committees Of The Senate Of The United States For The First Session Of The Forty-Ninth Congress 1885-'86

Committee On Indian Affairs

Volume 8, iii-lxxix, iii-xxvi, pp 3-770, i-xxx, pp. 3-226. Volume 9, iii-lxxix, pp 3-467, pp 1-597. Both volumes contain numerous charts and tables. These are 2 of 11 volumes of reports by various committees to the 49th Congress. These 2 volumes contain all 3 parts of Report 1278: _Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate, on the Condition of the Indians in Indian Territory, and Other Reservations, Etc_. In Volume 8, pages i-xxvi provide an introduction and general information regarding the Indians and various agencies located in the Indian Territory with numerous charts and tables of data derived from the 1880 census. Pages 3 through 270 contain: "Testimony Taken by the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate in Relation to Leases of Lands in the Indian Territory and Other Reservations Under Resolution of the Senate of December 3, 1884." Pages 271 through 770 contain a lengthy, detailed "Appendix" that presents Senate documents and letters, as well as the land leases of various tribes and cattle companies. Also in Volume 8, Part 3 offers a short general report of some northern tribes in pages i-xxx including an "Appendix" containing short reports by various commissioners of Indian Affairs and a Report from General William T. Sherman. The continuation of Part 3 contains: "Testimony Taken by a Sub-Committee of the Committee on Indian Affairs of the United States, in Relation to the Condition of the Indian Tribes in the Indian Territory, and Upon Other Reservations, Under Resolutions of the Senate of June 11 and December 3, 1884, and February 23, 1885, Montana and Dakota." The testimony spans pages 3 through 169 and includes testimony by citizens and numerous Indians taken at Pierre, Dakota; Crow Creek Agency, Dakota; Chamberlain, Dakota; and Crow Agency, Montana. The "Appendix" contains Exhibits A-I and covers pages 170 through 226. The information contained within is comprised of many detailed reports, charts, and tables identifying general, "Condition of Certain Indian Tribes" and land use by Indians and others living on or using reservation land. All information is organized and identified in Indexes pertaining to each section of the report. In Volume 9 pages iii-lxxix is an "Index to the Reports of the Committees ..." The remainder of the volume presents Part 2 of the "Report ..." Pages 3-463 records further "Testimony Taken by the Committee on Indian Affairs ..." Including that taken on February 23, 1885 as well as various documents; while pages 465-467 provide an Index to that testimony. After this Index an additional 597 pages is an "Appendix." The "Appendix" is comprised of 212 pages of various detailed reports, letters, documents, exhibits, charts, and tables from the President, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of War, and numerous others; followed by the "Constitution and Laws of the Muskogee Nation;" "Compiled Laws of the Cherokee Nation;" "Constitution, Laws, and Treaties of the Chickasaws;" and "Constitution and Laws of the Choctaw Nation, Together With the Treaties of 1855, 1865, and 1866." These 2 volumes contain an incredible compilation of documents relating to the history of the Indian Territory, as well as additional information regarding leasing and land use of reservation lands in Montana and Dakota Territory. Despite scuffing, modest soiling and edgewear, these 2 volumes remain tight and attractive in matching original, full-leather bindings with raised bands and titles in gilt on spine.

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