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Jim Baker Cabinet Card ANONYMOUS

Jim Baker Cabinet Card


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Publication: Privately photographed, n d (ca 1870's), Denver, Colo

Cabinet Card. 5.5" x 4", Mount 6.375" x 4.25," C.H. Wells, Denver, Colo. Famous trapper, Indian fighter, Scout, & Guide. Born Bellevue, IL in 1818. Baker first went up the Missouri River for the American Fur Co. in 1838, spent 2 years trapping in the Rockies, returning to Illinois in 1840. Accompanied emigrants to Green River in 1841, Baker remained in the mountains for several years. Guided Capt. Randolph Marcy from Ft. Bridger to Ft. Union, NM in late 1857, guiding Marcy's return to Ft. Bridger in 1858. Baker settled in Denver in 1859, occasionally guiding parties into the Rockies. Moved to Dixon, WY in 1873, Baker died in Savery, WY in 1898. A clean, clear, fine image of this famous frontiersman. Previously from the collection of author, historian, and primary biographer of Jim Baker ... Dr. Nolie Mumey.

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